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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:40:12 EST From: Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard/Adventures at Hamilton U-7 Adventures at Hamilton U Part 7 By M.J. Blackheart I couldn't believe it! My brother Robert Mathews and I had just again after more then eight months of anguish had gotten it on again. He had Fucked me in the elevator of the Spring Haven Memorial Hospital, and then we had acted like nothing had happened with perfect calmness when we finally got to my Sister-in-Law's(his wife's) hospital room to see the new baby. His baby? My baby? It didn't matter he had twice refered to the baby(Joshua or Josh for short) as Our baby. We then left the hospital for some brotherly alone time at Rob's house. He had even, to my surprise, seemed to have forgotten his oldest son(one and a half year old Jamie). "Didn't you forget someone?" I asked as I pulled up behind Rob's car into his drive. My eyes roamed over his hot body and I undressed him with my eyes. "No. Not if you mean the James-ster." He looked at his Preteen Nymphet Pics watch. "I still have a couple hours on what I paid concerning the day-care at the hospital. We have plenty of alone time. Mom and Dad will be here in about another hour or so I guestimate, and so by then I will beable to take them to the hospital and also pick up Jamie in one trip. In the mean time we have something to take care of." he quickly explained his plan, and then as he finished he looked about to see if any of the neighbors were out or could see him, and as we where perfectly alone he grabbed his bulging crouch, made lusty eyes at me and blew me a kiss. Oh there was my older horny brother, the way I liked him best, a horny, sex starved freak, and not the conservative pro-catholic republican that he had always seemed on the surface until I had first sudduced him. I grinned and made the gesture back. Then I shoved my tongue in my cheek as I brought my right fist to my mouth and mimiced sucking on something. Rob winked and mouthed "Hell yeah!" and then we headed for the door to his house. No sooner had we gotten in the back door and he was on me, his younger brother, his tongue in my mouth, one hand on my ass as the other groped my already stiff, but suficating, package. I eagerly returned his passion as I shoved him farther into the Kitchen and kicked the back door shut with a foot. I pinned his ass against the counter and began to tear at the buttons of his shirt, and the waist of his pants. I wanted him badly. I needed him badly. It had been so damn long and though he had just fucked me in the ass less then two hours previously I was so hungry for him. I was now on my knees in front of him and his kakis were around his ankles. I jerked his blue cotton boxers down and there was my prize. There was my brother's cock, and I looked at it, but was somewhat cooled in my lust. There was his hard 6.5 inch cock with it's fuzzy balls and cut head and full bush of dark wirey hair, but also there was sweat(not that that really bothered me), and shit from his fucking my ass so hastilly in the elevator. "What's the matter?" He asked as he looked down at me. His formerly heavy breathing now starting to slow as I hessitated. Then he laughed. "Guess I can never call my little brother a dirty cock sucker....Sorry bro." we both laughed. I stood and started undressing. "Last one to the shower don't get their cock sucked." I shouted and as I had just kicked my pants and shoes and boxers off onto the tile floor I took off toward the swinging door and toward the stairs Preteen Nymphet Pics that would take me to the master bath. Rob was right after me, stumbling as he tried to get his pants and shoes the rest of the way off. "Fuckin' cheater, You will suck my cock and you'll suck it good, and we will both like it!" He was soon on my tail and as I ran through the master bedroom, over the sloppy still damp carpet where Mellony had lost her water, and into the bathroom I looked behind me to see Rob huffing and puffing into the bedroom, his shitty cock hard and pointing right at me. "Ahhhhh!" I yelled and jumped into the glass enclosed shower stall on my right. I was turning the knobs on as Rob came in the bathroom and pounced into the shower with me. "Fuckin' prick!" He laughed and as the water began to cascade down from the showerhead strait above our heads he began to make out with me again. Like in the kitchen my big bro was Preteen Nymphet Pics all over me, tongueing, licking, grabbing, feeling. I moaned as I like before gave back to him what he dished out, even grabbing his dirty cock and squeezing it (hey we were inthe shower and we where both going for a good scrubbing) . I felt my body responding to Rob's passionate minstrations. As we stopped momentarily to catch our breath I reached for the soap and began to lube up my hands with the bar of Ivory. I again reached for his cock and with one hand I stroked the ridged shaft as with the other I massaged and squeezed his sagging nuts. I worked his genitals for a few moments, not wanting to let off, but also wanting to touch more of him at the same time. My soapy hands began to roam my big brother's body and stroked the inner crease of his ass crack, massaged his ass mounds, rubbed his hard pecks and tight abs and then back up to his arms and then to his legs and then to his cock again, now as I was again on my knees. As soon as I soaped a section of his manly flesh the falling hot steamy water rinsed it clean, and now I leaned forward to a pink, wet, clean, brotherly cock and ingulfed it to the root. I licked and sucked and slurped. I lapped down the shaft to suck and lick and nuzzle his testicular orbs and then back to the shaft for a quick swab of the farthest, deepest , recesses of my throat. My nose pressing hard into the wet wirey hairs of his pubis. I was hungry for this meat that I had for so long been denighed and I would no longer be denighed my due. "OHHHH RICH! OHHHH I MISSED THIS! OHHH RICH! I LOVE YOU! OHHHHHHHH FUCKIN A!" Rob screamed as I took care of his throbbing, pulsing, twitching cock. "STOP! I'm to close. Stop." He pulled away from me with some difficulty as he had to grab my shoulders and push back on them, wiggling his tight ass out of my grasp as he did so. His dick popped out of my mouth and then bobbed up to smack his abs. (He had been spending a lot of time at the Spring Haven YMCA and had been working out to alliviate his sexual tentions. I admired the results greatly). "What is it? Your not having second thoughts are you?" I asked with pleading eyes and voice as I looked up at him, the spray misting my smooth face. "Hell NO! I just want to take it slower, enjoy it more, enjoy you more. Now it is your turn for a suck job, I've missed that big monster." With that Rob pulled me to my feet and he dropped to his knees as he knelt in to sniff and squeeze my hard 7 inch cock. He started by burring his nose in my musky pubes and inhailed, his tongue lapped at my shaft and then he went to my own saggy shaved nuts and began to devoir them. He sucked first the left and then the right and then the left again, and then he began to lap and suck up front of my cock. He swirled his tongue around the crown and into the leaking piss slit. "MMM missed that." he moaned and dug his tongue in my slit some more as he lapped out my leaking fluids. He then sank down on my cock with tight lips as he took it to the root and began to bob up and down with his head, the whole time swirling and lapping the underside of the shaft with his tongue. I grasped his head, my slender fingers threading into his short hair as I began to help him with his rytham and fuck into his mouth with my hips, even as my shoulderblades rested against the cool glass of the shower stall's wall. I moaned and grunted and bucked as I looked down at my hot older brother sucking and slurping and loving my 7 inch, eighteen year old cock. I was loving it as much as him, if not more, but by the look on his hungry face and the look in his lusty eyes as he looked up into my eyes I thought that might be a close call. He sucked on me for what seemed like forever, and I am sure if I had not already cum that day with my hot (though unforchunitly interupted) setion with Dep.William D. Edgans, and then again with Rob in the elevator, I would have already blown a salty load of teen jizz in my brother's mouth, but as it was I had and I was willingly able to hold out and enjoy the loving care Rob gave my dick. Aventually he did stop and smiled up at me with a pre-jiz Preteen Nymphet Pics smear on his lips. He then stood up, turned around and assumed the possition against the other glass wall as I myself had done in against the mirrored wall of the elevator, and I knew then that there was something else Robert Mathews, my hot older brother had missed in all those months, even more then getting off with something more then his hand. He had missed a fat cock up his ass and he was practically begging his little brother to plant the rod of happiness between his wiggling ass cheeks as he looked back at me and mouthed in a sentual gasp. "Fuck me little bro, use my pussy like I used yours earlier." I was on it in a heart beat, but not with my dick, not yet. First I was on my knees and I was licking and lapping at the slightly hairy crack, my tongue digging into the fold between his cheeks and into the pink and flexing pucker of his man-pussy. I ate it like I had once ate his wife. Like I had once ate our teen cousin Trisha's. Like I had once ate our former co-worker Kathy, and how I had once eaten William Edgan's fiancee Stacy's pussy (The only women I had ever been with), but I loved this better as this was man-pussy. This was my brother Rob's man-pussy! "OHHHH YEAH RICH!" He moaned as I lapped deep into him, as deep as I had ever dug with my tongue before. I couldn't wait any longer and I stood. I possitioned myself and shoved. I was burried deep in his spit slicked brotherly-man-pussy in another heart beat and I groaned with supream exstacy as I hit bottom and my nuts swung into the back of his nuts. "OHHHH RICHARD!" He grunted through clinched teeth as the momentary pain and pleasure of it all hit him at the same time. I waited but a moment and then began to slowly rock back and forth, in and out. Each time pulling out a little more and then plunging back a little harder. I grunted and I picked up speed. "FUCK ME!" He moaned as he rammed his ass back toward me so hard I nearly fell backwards. I grabbed his hips and began to fuck my big bro in lustful earnest. I pistoned in and out, each time my Preteen Nymphet Pics nuts bouncing off his own, my fat head ramming his spot deep inside his bowels and he moaned and begged for more, begged me for faster, begged me for deeper. I gave him what I could and even managesd a little more. I fucked out my big brother's Man-pussy better then I had ever done, or at least that was what I thought at the time. "OHHHHHHHH! I"M CUMMIN!! I'M CUMMIN!" Rob screamed and I noticed that both his hands where still on the glass wall framed by steamy condensation. My own hands planted firmly on his tight manly hips and I continued to pound him. He gave a grunt and his body began to shudder. My brother was shooting onto the shower stall floor and as I looked down for a split second I saw the white goo swirling about the silvery drain cap. His ass muscles contracted and that was all it took, his moaning, the sight of his cum and that tight anal clenching and I too was depositing deep into my brother's ass. My body tensed and I felt my third load of the day (not my biggest, but surely my best) shoot into Rob. I tightened my grip for a second as I had a convultion and shot again, and again, and then as quickly as the orgasmic pleasure started it stopped and my cock was plopping out of Rob in a slimmy, cummy, shitty mess as it went soft. My body though was still weak and I had to sit on the shower-stall floor before I fell there. Rob did the same. There we sat for several moments as the water came down and started to get cold. Rob who still had his watch on and had just looked at it even as he panted was the first to speak, and say we needed to hurry and get cleaned up and dried and dressed that our parents might be arriving at any moment. I complied and washed and we both got out of the shower, dripping water on the clean white tile. I grabbed a white terry cloth towel and began to dry Rob off, then he took the same towel and did the same to me, tossing the wet cloth in the hamper as he finished. We took a second for one last long, passion and lust filled kiss. As we broke it we were both hard again, but there was also a knocking on the door below. Rob ran into his room and started to grab for clothes to throw on to answer the door. I ran to my own room and started to grab for the box of clothes that I had finished packing when Mellony had first gone into labor. Before I could pull the tape off the top of the box I heard Rob running down the hall and down the stairs. I was just pulling a pair of jeans on when I heard my mother's voice yelling up to me. "Be right there Mom!" I yelled and then jerked a polo shirt and a pair of socks out of the same big box. I hadn't packed my shoes yet and so slipped into a pair of loafers on the closet floor, and hurried down the stairs, glad of my short hair and that it was now practically dry as I came to the livingroom, dinningroom combo at he bottom. There was Rob sitting on the sofa with out mother, he was now dressed in another pair of kaki pants and a plain black tight T-shirt that showed off his new build nicely. My mother was in a light blue floral dress with her graying blond hair pinned up and there was my Father in his usual gray slacks blue long sleave button down and black dress shoes, his own thining gray hair was combed neatly(that was odd for him actually) and he was smiling as he looked around. "Got to admit Robby, you did well for yourself. This is a nice place, mind if I look around? What kind of fancy stuff you got to cook and wash dishes with?" Dad was starting toward the kitchen as he was surely going to look at the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and other appliances. Dad was a long time employee of Whirlpool of Marion's Dryer plant, or had been til he retired, and was still big on the company line. "Dad, I think it is best if we start on to the hospital, Mel will probably be lonely and I need to get Jamie from the day care, I only came home to shower and wait for your all." Rob said as he stood Preteen Nymphet Pics from the sofa. I wondered why Rob didn't seem to want Dad in the kitchen for a second and then remembered our clothes all over the floor in there. I was only a few steps from the kitchen door so stepped around the dinning table(used for lesbian action only that afternoon) and stood in front of the door. I grabbed my dad around the waist and gave him a big hug. "I missed you, Big guy." I said with a smile and a laugh as I did really miss both my parents. I however was in this way able to steer Dad from his destination. "You Preteen Nymphet Pics really look good, I mean it, Great." I let him go and hugged my mother, giving her a slight kiss on the cheek(with the same mouth I had just sucked, ate, and kissed my big brother with). "You too, Mother Dear!" "We missed you boys too, but I think Robert is right. I want to see my new grandson." She then looked at Dad. "Let's go dear you can look around when we all get back." "Okay, I guess." He slumped a bit, as if in disapointment, and they headed for the front door. I stood where I was. "Your not coming dear?" Mom asked. "I really need to finish packing. I was actually supposed to be in my dorm room earlier, but then all this happened and I have class first thing in the morning, and to move after , and well, I really want to, but I can't. I do plan on spending some time with you too tomorrow evening when Rob takes us all out to dinner." I smiled and looked at my big bro with a bigger smile. He looked suprised. Dad looked at Rob. "Better not be McDonalds I know that's your place, but I want some real grub." He spoke with mirth in his gruff tone. "Best place in town, down on the square." Rob smiled back at dad and then gave me an evil look. I knew he hadn't made plans for dinner, and I hoped he would get even when he could with a little sexual torment(nothing too bad I hoped). "I'll chip in too." I said. "But now I need to finish packing and get ready for bed. First I need a soda, packing is hard work." I waved and went into the kitchen. I began hurridly picking up clothes incase one of my parents decided to follow, but niether did. I heard the frint door close moments later and I was again alone in the house. "FUCK THIS HAS BEEN A LONG DAY!" I gasped to myself as I began to reflect on all that had happened, and as I did I wished Rob was still there and that we could still be playing like good brothers should. Then I thought of all I had to do tomorrow and an Image of Nick Lawson popped into my head. I was going to have one HOT roomie and I didn't know how I would beable to control myself, but that was something to worry about another day. *I hope you all liked this one. It flowed out easy, and I can forsee a lot more to cum. Send me an e-mail to either, or to and let me know how you liked it, good or bad. Want to hear any ideas you might have for the future installments and if you send me a hot pic I will know how much you really liked it. Keep it hard and cum a bucket.*
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